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Habitation service is key to protect you for unwanted future expenses and detect any problem in its earliest stages


Habitation service is key to protect you for unwanted future expenses and detect any problem in its earliest stages


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We check, maintain, and install all aspects of your caravan and motorhome, including examining the gas system, electric system, water system, fire and safety, bodywork, dump test, in addition to chassis, running gear, and braking systems.
With our extensive experience and expertise in caravan repair, we offer you the best possible experience. From handling your insurance claim, source parts, general advice to deliver all caravan and motorhome related services; we are here to assist you in every aspect.
Extensive Experience


Offering the highest quality service at a competitive rate, we do not cut corners and have no hidden charges. We follow the highest quality standards while conducting service, repair and modification of any make, model, and size.
Your caravan and motorhome repair and servicing should not cost you an arm and a leg. While you will find us most cost-effective and affordable in this industry, rest assured that we never compromise on the quality of our caravan and motor home services.
Industry-Best Servicing
Glad and Wild is offering a range of services for motorhomes, campervans and caravans.
Our main aim is to offer an excellent service and remain within the customer budget.



Shower Tray Repair System. The shower tray is now fully restored,
with no damages and cracks
Another service on customer cooker.
* REMEMBER!!! Yellow flame indicates that the burner is producing excessive amounts
of CO and needs cleaning or adjusting.
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Bristol , England.

Mobile homes have provided protection and housing to people since 1717. In fact, about two hundred years ago, several families gathered their possessions and started a long journey on wagons across the Appalachian Mountains to reach the far West. Those wagons sheltered them for months, or even more, while they traveled from one place to another in search of a better life.

Nowadays, needs have changed, and the reasons to possess a sheltered vehicle are much different from those of people living and traveling in the Wild West. The technological progress of the previous centuries has allowed reaching modern type of mobile homes, in the forms of Caravans, Trailers, motorhomes, and Campervans. These comfortable vehicles – recreational vehicles (RVs) - are not solely used for leisure activities, but they might be used as a place to live for a long time as well.

No matter how you use them, they do need constant care to ensure your safety and comfortability.


A recreational vehicle is a complex system, often equipped with a modern kitchen, toilet, shower, ventilation, gas, electricity, and a water system. Before you start a journey on the RV, or before you buy or sell an RV, you may encounter issues related to these systems. When this happens, we intervene promptly and repair the damage.

We perform a full inspection of your RV and solve problems related to any of the systems mentioned above. Ensuring every system's soundness is our reasonability.

We present here a brief overview of some issues that may arise.

• Problematic gas systems. Defective gas systems can have fatal consequences. It is important to check carefully and avoid possible gas leaks. We give high priority to this matter. For this reason, we offer this service as a part of our habitation services, but we perform it separately as well. You may find additional information about this service here (please insert the link here).

• Malfunctioning electrical systems. Minor electronic equipment in your RV is powered by 12 volts. More sophisticated appliances (AC, microwave, coffee machine, etc.) run on 240 volts. Now, imagine if your refrigerator and the microwave stop working properly. The malfunction of sockets, wiring, or batteries can indeed make your sojourn uncomfortable. We are here to assist you, to check and ensure that systems are to the relevant standards.

• Ventilation issues. This primarily includes checking congested ventilation. We make sure that ventilation in the RV is protected against the entrance of vermin. Besides, to prevent further issues, we conduct a general inspection of the ventilation mechanism to ensure the absence of cracks or damages.

• Security systems malfunctions. This includes faulty smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, malfunctions related to the fire extinguishing system, if any. It is our responsibility to fix these systems and make sure you have a sound security system.

• Water systems. We carefully check whether water pumps and water pressure work well; if necessary, we fix faucets, showers, tanks, pipes, drain systems, among others.

• Problems related to moisture and damp are perhaps one of the most common issues in an RV. Any vehicle is subject to deterioration if it is not well maintained. You may have noticed that RV's environment easily attracts humidity and moisture. The wooden frame that serves as the basic structure of your RV may deteriorate because of damp. For this reason, we check for damp when we carry out habitation services, but we also offer this service separately.

You may find more information about our damp test service here

• General problems. Additional issues may arise for different causes. These problems mainly refer to small breakdowns, such as faulty doors, fixtures, antennas, furniture, supports, steps, and so on.

The extent of the issues might be different, and underestimating them may not only cause you financial burdens to carry out repairs and adjustments later on, but it is a matter of safety as well. If not addressed in time, some of these problems can pose serious life threats to you and your loved ones.

Stay safe, stay well and enjoy your trips in your RV!

The structure of most modern recreational vehicles (RVs) - Motorhome, Caravan, Camper Trailer or Campervan – consists of a wooden frame that is insulated and covered with plywood.

Some RVs have an aluminium structure, and these might be advantaged by having less damp issues than wooden configurations, but they are rare to be found.

To ensure normal moisture levels, wooden framed RVs require dedicated maintenance. For such reasons, we do not only include the damp test in our Habitation services, but we offer it as a separate service as well.


As you may know, wooden frames absorb moisture quite well. It takes a long time for the wood to dry by itself; if you do not promptly repair the damaged part, the wood will decay rapidly.

So, what can cause damp in your RV in the first place? Here are the main reasons.

• Poorly insulated doors and windows. This is a common problem, and it may occur due to poor-quality silicone sealant used for doors and windows. Once the silicone dries out, it may crack and leave gaps through which rain and humidity infiltrate and damage the walls.

• Leaking water lines inside the RV. This may occur, and it is usually due to poor maintenance; water pipes wear out over time, and they start leaking. It is important to check and intervene to fix the problem before it expands further.

• Presence of high humidity levels in the RV might be a major cause of damp. Unfavourable weather conditions such as rain or fog enrich the air with water. Water has not to be underestimated: if it finds a way to go into the RV, sooner or later, it will reach the wooden surface and begin to destroy it.

• Cracks and damages, due to minor accidents, may become favourable host places for damp. The wooden structure gets damaged, and moisture penetrates walls, which causes the frame to decay.

Damp can cause mould in your RV. While it is easy to deter rust, mould likes to hide behind cladding such as wall panels, or it grows in poorly ventilated places. This may endanger your health. People with respiratory diseases are the most affected by the mould toxin, but even very healthy people may fall ill.

As you see, bad maintenance may bring your RV to a state of decay. Such damages need repairing later on, which might be a financial burden for you.

How we damp test your RV

We carry out the damp test using a specific device: the damp meter. This instrument diagnoses the moisture content of any surface. Measurements are made in all potential damp accumulation points, and that is:

  • Around doors and windows;

  • Ceiling corners and the floor;

  • Places where water may accumulate, i.e., potential places for water leaks, pipe joints, and so on.

  • In the kitchen and bathroom area, among others.

If the humidity level in your RV is higher than 20 %, then it is necessary to identify and eliminate the source of humidity. Repairs are carried out afterwards.

The repair process entails several stages: from the complete disassembly of the RV's furniture to cutting out any rotten wooden frame. Our company carries out this procedure. We also replace the frames with new ones, and we cover them with a new layer of plywood.

If maintenance and repairs are not carried out on time, the area affected by dampness may become too large. We highly recommend performing a damp test each year to maintain the usefulness and comfortability of your recreational vehicle.

Stay safe, and keep an eye on your RV.
Caravan & Motorhome accessories

Just because you're on the open does not mean you should miss out on the luxuries and comforts of home. Our extensive range of motorhome and caravan accessories will turn your vehicle into your home, away from home!

If you're in seeking top-quality caravan and motorhome accessories, then you have landed on the right page. We are a one-stop destination for your all caravanning equipment. Our ever-increasing range encompasses everything from caravan movers to solar panels and from heaters to buttons. Regardless of what type of caravan, motorhome, or campervan you own, we have all your needs covered.

Our many years of experience in the outdoor leisure industry have allowed us to understand travelers' complex needs. Keeping these requirements in mind, we have compiled a range of caravan accessories from the industry's best and most renowned brands.

That said, shopping from leading brands does not mean you have to pay an arm and a leg for them. We get that you would like to save every possible penny for the actual trip, and our prices reflect our understanding. You can shop with us the top quality motorhome accessories at the most affordable prices!

Whether you're upgrading your caravan or building a new one, we have everything you'll need for your exciting DIY endeavor! Please browse our range of lining carpets, heaters, solar panels, ladders, cookers, water carriers, awnings, bike racks, and much more!

Perks Of Getting Your Caravan Accessories From Us?

You can fully equip your motorhome or caravan with all the latest gadgets, but it won't truly feel like yours without a touch of personalization. It is precisely why you need special caravan and motorhome accessories from a company that understands what goes into making a motorhome feel like a home.

Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration: Keep your caravan or motorhome airy and fresh with our array of ventilation and cooling equipment. You can have air conditioners, roof fans, heating products, and various refrigeration options.

So, if you want to transform your motorhome or caravan into a home, equipping it with all the necessities, pick from our range of accessories. If you do not find what you need at our store, give us a call, and we will arrange that for you. You would reap numerous benefits as you buy special caravan equipment or upgrade your current accessories. Here are a few of the advantages you would enjoy:

Reduce Clutter And Save Space: We have specifically designed our vast range of motorhome equipment for your travelling needs. We have picked smaller and more compact accessories to counter tight spaces in motorhomes and caravans. You can also stow them away when you're in transit, saving you more legroom.

Enjoy Outdoor Time: Travelling is about adventure and exploration, neither of which you can enjoy within your caravan or motorhome. Thanks to our diverse range of outdoor equipment and accessories, you can have fun outside in comfort and style!

All In The Details: We pay special attention to the little details that truly matter, and you get full freedom to choose these small aspects according to your taste. Pick a colour and setting that suits you and your motorhome.

Not Just For Motorhomes And Caravans: One of the top reasons to get your equipment from us is our versatility. Our accessories aren't just for your motorhomes and caravans. Yes, we specialize in equipment for all makes and models of motorhomes/caravans, but our range of accessories is also perfect for shorter camping trips.

What Do We Offer?

We are a one-stop solution for all your caravan and motorhome needs. With us, you get different accessories in the following categories, and so much more! But that's not all! Our caravan services also include installation of these accessories to save you all the extra hassle of finding those amenities elsewhere.

TV, Satellite & Internet: Whether you need a simple TV and aerial or automatic satellite systems, you can find it in our store. We have a range of 12v TVs, ready-to-install satellite systems, and all other TV accessories that you need in your caravan or motorhome.

Electrical, Batteries & Power: You can find everything you require to make your power system functional at our store. These include various electrical devices such as lights, sockets, batteries, generators, solar panels, and much more!

Safety & Security: Motorhomes and caravans are expensive vehicles and need protection. We supply and install every sort of safety equipment on your vehicle. In this regard, our company offer alarms, locks, tracker systems, and additional locks, ensuring complete protection of your caravan or motorhome.

Exterior Equipment: External accessories are just as crucial to your journey, as the internal equipment is. These fixtures include bike racks, roof racks, ladders for the rear of your caravan or motorhome, and external sockets. In addition to this, we can also provide other equipment, as needed.

Cab & Interior Equipment: Furniture isn't the only internal accessory that makes your journey safe and comfortable. Shop from our range of seats, cameras, lighting, sockets, and more.

Gas, Water & Sanitation: Find all the necessary equipment to create or upgrade your gas, water, and sanitation systems. We sell refillable gas bottles, water tanks, and sanitation aids, among other things.
What Is A Caravan Chassis Service?

The chassis of your caravan is like its skeletal backbone. It is the foundation of your caravan's body, and this is where manufacturers attach several parts of your camper, such as suspension, jockey wheel, stabilizer legs, water tanks, and coupling.

Since it is so crucial to your caravan's structure, it requires proper maintenance through a professional chassis service. A vital part of our caravan service, our chassis overhaul includes an examination of all of the crucial components of the chassis. It comprises the hitch assembly, axle tube, suspension assembly, drawbar, and road lighting. It also allows for a closer inspection of the caravan tires and the brake components. Overall, it is a thorough and all-around inspection of your caravan.

Our caravan chassis service entails tune-up of the following parts:
  • Inspection of the coupling head to check the signs of wear, and lubrication of these parts if needed.

  • Cleaning the pads on the ball acting stabilizer.

  • Checking the conditioning and routing on the breakaway cables and clips.

  • Reviewing the operation of the overrun piston and lubricate it (if necessary).

  • Inspecting, cleaning, and lubricating the jockey wheel to ensure it is operational.

  • Testing the operation of the handbrake and lubrication (if needed).

  • Examining the brake rods, cables, and supports.

  • Detaching the wheels and checking them in detail for signs of wear or tear.

  • Removing the brake drums and checking the bearings, the seals, and the lining. Cleaning and lubricating them as needed!

  • Testing the road lights to confirm their workability.

  • Replacing the drums with new split pins or with one-shot nuts and the torque, according to the manufacturer's settings.

  • Adjusting the brakes at the drum and checking for faults in the hand brakes and linkages.

  • Replacing all the nuts and bolts on the torque wheels.

  • Testing the operations of the suspension assemblies.

  • Inspecting all the corner steadies and lubricating them as needed.

  • Reviewing the spare wheel carrier and the folding steps. Maintaining and lubricating as necessary!

Why Is A Chassis Service So Important?

A caravan chassis service checks and fixes all the running gear in your camper. These parts make your caravan road-worthy and safe to tow. Getting your caravan's chassis regularly serviced will also guarantee that it meets the legal requirements.

If you travel often and tow your caravan along with you, we recommend getting our caravan chassis service every year. However, if you aren't using your camper trailer actively right now and have it stored away, you should get this service every two or three years. We suggest you take the tune-up straight before you take your stationary caravan on the road to ensure your safety.

There are four primary benefits of getting a routine chassis service for your camper trailer:

1. Ensures safety:
Since this service involves a close inspection of the tyres, brakes, and bearings, it guarantees that your caravan is less prone to failure and getting into accidents.

2. Early Identification of problems:
Routine maintenance of your caravan allows you to catch problems early and prevent a quick fix from evolving into an expensive repair.

3. Guarantees legal compliance:
Failing to check if your tow trailer meets the legal guidelines will pose a danger to yourself and other road drivers. A professional chassis service checks if your caravan meets legal towing requirements.

4. Maintaining value:

Regular examinations will enhance the history of habitation checks, and maintenance will keep the resale value of your caravan up. It will also improve the chances of a quicker sale for your travel trailer.

Why Should You Get Your Caravan Chassis Service From Us?
  • Our team of technicians and engineers has the right qualifications and experience that allow them to deliver the best camper services to you.

  • They follow a set procedure and highly detailed inspection plan to guarantee your trailer's efficiency and your safety on the road.

  • We perform our caravan services to the highest standards.

  • You will have peace of mind when you entrust your caravan to us because we are an approved workshop with a long history of successful repairs.

  • We can service your caravan's chassis at any time that suits you best.

  • Our chassis servicing comes with a warranty, so you do not have to worry about paying extra for follow-ups.

The gas system is one of the most important systems in an RV, and it requires careful inspection and maintenance. Even minor gas leaks can be life-threatening and lead to serious consequences such as suffocation or explosions. Having the gas system checked annually is a regular and obligatory appointment of every camper.

We carry out a (regular) inspection of the gas system in your RV. This service is offered separately, and it is included in the Habitation services as well.

How do we check the gas system?

We perform many complex tasks to ensure that your gas system is in proper conditions.

We present here a brief overview of some of the tasks that our company carries out.

Gas cylinder-check security. The gas cylinder is installed in a section outside of your RV but sealed from the inside of the RV.

The cylinder must be fastened with a retaining strap to prevent the gas bottle from detaching the underbody of the RV. A flexible hose establishes the connection between the gas cylinder safety controller and the actual gas system. The connection between the hose and the RV is then established by a solid pipe, which must be sealed to avoid gas leaks.

We perform the cylinder security test in the following way:

  • We check whether the gas cylinder meets all British standards and whether it's labeled accordingly;

  • We carefully check whether the securing strap is in its optimal condition. In fact, the belt may break while you are driving, and both the cylinder and the compartment structure can be damaged as a result;

  • We make sure that the regulator and the hose comply with standards.

Gas leaks checks. Carrying out the test related to the gas compartment is only a small part of the overall task.

Here is a summary of the main gas leaks tests:

  • Gas leak testing: we use the Manometer to detect the source of possible gas leaks, and we repair them.

  • We carry out flame sensor testing.

  • We check the state of gas pipes, taps, and fixtures connected to the household appliances.

  • We make sure that all gas dispersal vents are clear. Clean ventilation openings allow gas to flow out of the mobile house if a leak occurs. It is important to remember that gas is in a liquid state and heavier than air. Vents assure that gas does not accumulate inside the house.

  • We carry out gas leak checks in connection with the on board LPG tank (if fitted).

We also carry out carbon monoxide (CO) leak tests. We use specific sensors and instruments that easily detect the content of CO in the air. You may find more information about the danger posed by CO poisoning here.

Safety comes first, especially when you handle flammable substances as gas. For your own safety and that of your family, it is in your own interest to repeat the gas test regularly so that you can safely enjoy your journey on the recreational vehicle.

We provide you a reliable and excellent service to make your next adventure as safe as possible.
Electrical System Test and Inspection

However, just as with any other electrical system, the electrical installation in your motorhome deteriorates with age and use. To keep the system working smoothly, without interruption, we recommend you take your RV for periodic inspection and testing at least once every 3 years.

Why Are Electrical Tests and Inspection Important?
Many of your caravan's appliances, such as battery charger, refrigerator, microwave, and water heater, among other devices, rely on a steady and safe supply of electricity to function. The electricity for these appliances comes from your RV, and to maintain this supply of power, your vehicle has a full-fledged electrical fitting.

These fittings inside caravans and motorhomes can sometimes undergo great stress during towing or peak usage. The wires' strain can also come from them, rubbing against sharp objects, other connections, appliances, switches, etc. Furthermore, wires can develop faults due to wear and regular use.

In addition to electrical outages and appliance failures, these faults can lead to more dangerous outcomes for you and your vehicle. According to research, around 35% of all RV fires result from electrical shorts and faulty wiring.

Although this type of caravan testing is not compulsory, it is advisable to get it done, especially if you have bought a second-hand vehicle or caravan. Therefore, to avoid electrical fires and other dangerous wiring and connection issues, you should get the electrical system on your RV inspected and maintained as necessary.

What do We do During The Electrical Test And Inspection?

Ordinarily, our electrical test and inspection include removing all accessories such as sockets and examining all connections. Here is what our service will entail:

- Checking all the plugs and sockets for polarity. It includes the hookup cable.

- Test the continuity of protective conductors. Again, it covers the hookup cable too.

- Inspect the earthing's adequacy and bonding in the electrical system from the inlet to the main earthing and from the terminal to the chassis and gas pipes.

- Asses the insulation resistance test of up to 500v DC.

- Test RCD trip,1/2 trip, full trip, and 5 times trip.

- Ascertain the suitability of the switchgear and control gear.

- Check the electrical connections' safety and make them child friendly by using coffin boxes to enclose connections.

- Assess the extent of any wear and tear, damage, and other forms of deterioration.

- Determine the serviceability of all the switches, sockets, and light fittings. See if Items such as sockets, light switches, cables, black switches, sockets mounted in skirting boards, etc., need replacing or maintenance.

- Check the type of wiring system used and its condition. Replace any outdated cables or components such as cables coated in black rubber or cables coated in lead and fabric. We replace all these outdated cables with modern cables offering long-lasting PVC insulation.

- Identify sockets that may be suitable to supply portable electrical equipment for use outdoors. We ensure that these have a suitable residual current device (RCD) for protection.

- Check for the presence of appropriate identification and notices.

- Test and identify any changes in the use of the vehicle that may have led to, or may lead to, the rise of unsafe conditions.

Why Should You Get Your Caravan Electrical Service From Us?

Electrical systems may seem easy to troubleshoot. However, sometimes RV's wiring and cables can develop difficult to find and correct faults. It would help if you had special equipment and a qualified service engineer who can pinpoint the fault and rectify it for such issues.

Since these services are crucial to your safety, you should only get them from the best RV service company, such as ours.
Here's why we are the perfect choice for you:

- The engineers and service providers on our team are highly qualified and experienced.

- We follow a detailed electrical inspection plan to guarantee you the best possible services.

- Our electrical services are compliant with the legal standards.

- You can choose any time for inspection that suits you best.

- We offer quick and knowledgeable customer support, and you can contact us anytime you want.

Without a proper functioning caravan's electrical system, your journey will become a nightmare. Book your RV electrical system inspection with us today for comfortable and hassle-free trips.

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Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
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Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
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Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
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Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
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Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
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